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What I'm working on and what I'm most proud of


  • Pocket Quotes (iOS, Swift): Collect your favorite quotes from famous people, books, TV shows, etc. Not yet released, currently in active development. Join the Beta.



  • Exercise Genius (Open-source, iOS, Objective-C): Exercise tracking app for runners. Winner of Best Student Team and Microsoft’s Best Use of HealthVault APIs prizes at Cajun Code Fest hackathon (Louisiana, USA).


  • (Open-source, Web, Ruby, Sinatra): Learn random facts about your tumblelog: when you registered your Tumblr account, how many posts you made, how often you create a new entry, etc. Achieved 500,000+ visits.



  • My Setup (Free, Web): Collection of interviews with people from different industries about what they use to get their job done. Inspired by Uses This.
  • (Free, Web, PHP): Read funny comic strips on each page load. In Vietnamese, the name translates to “random”. Achieved 300,000+ visits.



  • Reg Assistant (Free, Windows, AutoIt): Import and export Windows registry in one click. Achieved 10,000+ downloads.
  • Folder Tweaker (Free, Windows, AutoIt): Customize background image and icon for folders in Windows Explorer. Achieved 20,000+ downloads.

Have a look at my open- and closed-source projects as well.